Welcome at Department of Hydraulic Structures websites. This department focuses on the educational process of specialists for designing, building and keeping of hydraulic facilities. There is also attention paid to research activities and cooperation with subjects at practise next to the pedagogical approach. These activities have long tradition there.
You should find information about this department - its employees, graduants and history - at these sites. There are also information about subjects, research and actual projects indeed. In addition you may download number of interesting materials!

Current informations:
2007-11-05The New English Name of K142
    The new English name of our departmant was admited as "Department of Hydraulic Structures" after consultation with foreign colleagues about name of our department.
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Department of Hydraulic Structures
FCE, CTU in Prague, Thakurova 7, Prague 6, 166 29, Phone: +420224354616, E-mail: k142@fsv.cvut.cz